Check Out What’s Fresh!



 Swordfish -$17.99/lb

  • Locally caught or from Canada
  • Firm texture great for grilling broiling and baking
  • White Flaky consistency when cooked
  • great grilled baked or broiled

Bluefish – Not Available

  • Always Fresh available from June through October
  • Full Flavored and loaded with omega 3’s
  • Great grilled broiled baked and smoked

Wild Salmon (Coho)-  $15.99/lb

  • Fresh caught on the West Coast
  • most commonly in Alaska and Washington state
  • great in every preparation from sushi to charred on the grill

Tuna- Not Available

  • Fresh Caught wild Atlantic Yellow Fin Tuna
  • Available year round but Best from May through October
  • Great Grilled, Pan Seared or as sushi or sashimi

Halibut – Not Available

  • Fresh Atlantic Halibut Fillet
  • boneless mild flavored whitefish
  • great on the grill or in the oven

Cod – $11.99/lb

  • Classic white fish
  • Great for: poaching, baking, fish and chips

Salmon – $11.99/lb

  • Farm raised in Canada, hearty fish
  • Great for: baking, searing, grilling

Haddock – $9.99/lb

  • White fish
  • Great for: poaching, baking, fish and chips

Arctic Char – $12.99/lb

  • Wild caught
  • lighter salmon flavor
  • high in Omega-3’s!
  • Great for: grilling, baking, poaching

Filet of Sole – not available 10/17

  • White fish
  • Great for: poaching, baking or fried
Monk Fish – Not Available
  • A mild fish
  • also known as lazy man’s lobster
  • Firm texture (think lobster tail)
  • great for grilling, soups, baking and broiling

Smoked Salmon – $19.99/lb

  • Fully cooked and ready to eat
  • Great for – appetizers, dips

Smoked Bluefish -$12.99/lb

  • Fully cooked and ready to eat
  • Great for – appetizers, dips


Native Bay Scallops -$34.99/lb- Fresh Frozen available

Shucked Oysters –  $12.99/lb- fresh frozen

Steamers – $8.00/qt or $4.00/lb

Little Necks – $5.00/lb

Mussels – Not Available 

Quahogs – $1.00/lb

Oysters – $1.00/ea

Sea Scallops – Market Price from $16.99-$18.99/lb

Wild Shrimp 13/15ct. – $14.50/lb

Cooked (Cocktail) Shrimp 26/30ct. – $11.99/lb /2lb bag $22.00/ea

Peeled and Deveined Shrimp 16/20ct. – $12.99/lb /2lb bag  $24.00/ea

Colossal Shrimp 8/10ct. – $17.99/lb /2 lb bag $34.00/ea

Wild Shrimp (frozen) – $13.50/ea 1lb bag


Lobster Meat – $44.99/lb

  • Cooked and shelled
  • Perfect for lobster salad, pasta dishes, etc!

Chix (1-1.25 lbs) – $10.99/lb

Quarters (1.25-1.5 lbs) – $11.99/lb

Halves (1.5-1.75 lbs) – $12.99/lb

Selects (2-3 lbs) – $13.99/lb

Jumbos (4-6 lbs) – Not Available

Culls (1 claw) – Not Available

Rock Crabs (aka Jonah Crabs) – $2.49/lb supply limited

Note: Sizes are estimates


Stuffed Quahogs (mild and spicy) – $2.50/ea

Stuffed Scallops – $2.50/ea

Crabmeat (local Jonah Crab)  $11/ea (8oz)

Red Crabmeat (local Red Crab frozen) – $11/ea (8oz) 

Assorted Crab/Seafood Dips – $2.99/ea

Offshore Delight (Smoked Shrimp Spread) – $4.99/ea

Ducktrap Sauces (Creamy Horseradish and Mustard Dill) – $4.99/ea

Ducktrap Smoked Mussels – $5.99/ea

Ducktrap Smoked Scallops – $7.99/ea

Ducktrap Smoked Trout (plain and peppered) – $8.00/ea

Drumrock Batter (Fish fry, Spicey Fry and Clamcake/fritter mix) – $3.99/ea

McCormick Fish fry (assorted) – $3.99/ea

Tartar Sauce – $3.99/ea

Cocktail Sauce (mild and spicy) – $3.99/ea

Scrumbs (seasoned bread crumbs) – $3.99/ea

Clam Juice (46oz. can) – $3.25/ea

Lemons – $.85/ea


Oyster Knife (Shucking Knife) – $5.00/ea

Clam Knife (for littlenecks and quahogs) – $4.00/ea

Clam boil bags (10 cheesecloths per bag) – $3.00/ea

Shrimp Deveiner – $2.50/ea

Lobster Claw Crackers – $3.99/ea

Barbecue Skewers – $4.50/ea

Reusable Cooler Bag – $6.99/ea

Lobster Bibs – $.25/ea

Westport Lobster Co. T-Shirts – $20/ea

3 thoughts on “Check Out What’s Fresh!

    1. Amy,

      Thanks for your interest…unfortunately we do not cater. We deal in mostly fresh fish…we do have some prepared food such as lobster salad, smoked fish etc. However we could supply you with the fish or shellfish you need…if u would like to place an order please call 1(508) 636-8500.

      Thanks again,
      Jay Chaves (manager)


  1. Lynda Pressley says:

    Hello this is Lynda (Rosinha) Pressley.
    I live in SC. Don’t laugh but what is the clams called you use in a boil? Also can I order on here and have them shipped? Please email me at

    Thank you,
    Lynda Pressley


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